Automatic discovery and inventory of infrastructure and network assets

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A common element in all companies is the need to have fully inventoried system and network infrastructure. This is the basis for building proper monitoring and observability.

In 2019, one of the main telecommunications operators in Spain presented us with the need to inventory all its infrastructure and network assets. This operator has had a great growth in recent years at an organic level, but also inorganic. The challenge for our client was that, by acquiring multiple companies, they also added multiple infrastructures with their specific peculiarities, so it was key to automatically inventory all assets.

Why is it very important to have the assets inventoried?

Having an accurate control of the network and IT asset inventory was of utmost importance to the customer. Without it, it would be impossible for them to detect anomalies in unidentified equipment, leaving them vulnerable to any issues that might arise. In short, the lack of asset and incident monitoring affected business-critical processes, and could even have a negative impact on end-customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the future.

How do we help you?

To analyse the initial situation, we carried out a consultancy to get to know all the details of your infrastructure. With this exercise we built a solid knowledge base to understand exactly the company’s need and to be able to launch the Discovery processes automatically and as efficiently as possible.


Thanks to the application of IOMETRICS® Discovery’s unattended discovery processes, an immediate and critical result was achieved for the company:

  • 1. En In a first analysis, 87% of the assets of the different companies that were integrated into the company were discovered, rising to 98% after adjustment work was done.
  • 2. Currently, a total of approximately 74,000 items are inventoried and kept up to date.
  • 3. Automatic scheduling of discovery processes was carried out on a daily basis, with the discovery of network and IT elements being the basis for launching the rest of the discoveries.
  • 4. With the updated information, the database is automatically fed into the database to build the topological map, and the relationships between the different assets are available at a glance.
  • 5. Operational costs have been reduced by 30% by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the teams by reducing the time and effort required to collect, analyse and act on the data.
Ana Ramírez

Ana Ramírez

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