Improving user experience through Datadope's Synthetix

In a global marketing environment in which sales through different company websites are becoming increasingly important, it´s necessary for companies to guarantee the performance of their applications and systems to ensure the best customer experience. This is achieved through synthetic probes, which provide accurate, real-time information.

What is a synthetic probe?

Synthetic probes are automated programs that simulate the behavior of real users when they interact with a system or application. These probes can perform specific tasks, such as sending an HTTP request or completing a web form, and then measure the response time and quality of the response received.

What kind of probes are available to you?

At Datadope we have two types of probes:

What are the benefits of synthetic probes?

By using synthetic probes, companies can quickly detect any problems or failures in their system or application before it affects real users.
This allows companies to:

Display, tracking and resolution

Synthetix will present the results of the probes in a very visual way so you can easily see where the problem lies and solve it quickly, i.e., it will help you to improve your MTTR. This will result in a better customer experience and increased throughput by reducing the downtime of your applications.

In short, Datadope’s synthetic probes will help you:

Offer the best user experience

Improve customer accessibility to your applications.

Improve your company's revenue

Increase your revenue by reducing downtime.

Optimize application performance

Automate operations to evaluate performance, and improve change deployment processes.


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