Take a proactive, AIOps-driven approach to your data with IOMETRICS® from Datadope

Drive business value with intelligent observation, real-time automation and machine learning in a single platform.

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Transform your business with intelligent observability, real-time automation and machine learning in a single platform.

IOMETRICS® facilitates effective IT operations with real-time observability and Machine Learning algorithms that provide predictability

Through root cause analysis and in combination with topology, you’ll see significantly improved incident response times (MTTR).

Benefit from lower costs by reducing the downtime of your system's downtime

Improve user experience levels with user experience monitoring (RUM) and synthetic probes.

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Datadope has helped us to centralise and process large volumes of logs to improve security event analysis processes. In addition, the information presentation layer allows us to quickly identify anomalies in information systems, reducing detection and response times.”

Pablo Vázquez Bernárdez
IT Risk & Information Security Manager

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