The way of Datadope

Datadope was founded in 2017 by its three founding partners who have extensive experience in software development and project management from their time in large multinational technology companies where they held various positions of responsibility over a career spanning more than 20 years.

They identified that the market demanded an integral solution that would respond to its operational analytics needs. The development of this solution requires time, knowledge and agility that large companies do not have.

Sergio Monge

CEO & Co-founder

Raúl Melo

CTO & Co-founder

Fernando González

COO & Co-founder

Datadope started working for several clients, developing different functionalities that would help renew and optimise their operations.

After several years of building their experience, a comprehensive solution based on Open Source technologies was born, which many customers are already using successfully: IOMETRICS®.

During this time, Datadope has consolidated its position in the TIC sector thanks to IOMETRICS®: the real-time observability platform that uses Machine Learning to streamline business operations.

In 2021, Datadope was recognised as an Innovative SME. And our story does not end here.

We continue to innovate so that our solutions bring value to organisations every day.