Improve business decisions with insights based on data analysis, revenue impact, and customer segmentation, combining business context with analytics and application performance

Improve collaboration between teams, not only within DevOps, but across your business

Break down silos between teams and IT tools with business contextually rich analytics that are centralised and available in real-time.

Decide on the important improvements to your business and prioritise them

Spend no time speculating on which optimisation upgrades will lead to the highest financial gains. Drive business decisions with insight that will drive the most business impact suited to your industry, KPIs, and SLAs, using on-demand data analysis, exploration and query.

Recognise issues and fix them before they impact business

By preventing issues before they have an impact on the user experience and business KPIs, you can avoid being reactive and spend more time on innovation. Get instant answers with AI (machine learning) technology that enables anomaly detection, alarms and root cause analysis.