Infrastructure monitoring

Automatic and intelligent observability in on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments with ongoing auto-discovery of hosts, virtual machines, serverless, cloud services, containers, and Kubernetes, network devices, logs, events, and more, all in context, with responses driven by machine learning. Additionally, it visually presents all information in a single location (dashboard).

A holistic view of your entire infrastructure

Automatically monitor your entire infrastructure, including cloud, hybrid, containers, VMs, network, servers, storage and more. Get advanced observability into PaaS and container technologies such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and OpenShift, process discovery and resource utilisation, usage, log monitoring, third-party data and event integration.

Boost team productivity and cut mean time to resolution (MTTR)

Our machine learning engine continuously scans the entire infrastructure for anomalies and offers accurate solutions with a focus on their potential impact on the business. Increase team output and refocus on the important things, such as proactive action, innovation, and business outcomes.

Create and apply your own custom metrics.

Increase infrastructure visibility with custom metrics.

See a complete
end-to-end service view

IOMETRICS® provides a unified view of the entire stack, from applications to infrastructure to user experience, all in context, with our machine learning engine continuously analysing millions of dependencies, providing accurate root cause determination.

Automate incident management for faster problem resolution

IOMETRICS® integrates with ITSM solutions for automated ticketing and remediation workflows.