User experience monitoring

Simulation of the navigation and use of a website or application as if it were a real user. This will allow companies to anticipate possible incidents before they affect customers and the income statement.

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In a world of global commerce, where sales through companies’ online platforms are increasingly important, it is crucial for companies to ensure the performance and availability of their applications and systems, in order to offer the best possible experience for your customers. To achieve this, it is essential to use synthetic probes, which provide accurate and real-time information on the state of the companies’ business.

User experience monitoring with IOMETRICS® Synthetix consists of synthetic probes is about simulating and measuring the availability and performance of web applications, individual pages, and APIs from different locations and devices. At Datadope, we offer two types of synthetic probes: API Probes and Browser Probes.

API probes

Synthetic monitoring through API probes involves the use of automated programs that simulate the interaction of an application with an application programming interface (API). These synthetic probes send requests to the API and evaluate both the response time and the quality of the API. In this way, companies can guarantee the correct integration of their applications with other systems and ensure that established service level agreements (SLAs) are met.

Browser probes

Synthetic monitoring with browser probes simulates the behavior of real users when interacting with an application through a web browser. These synthetic probes automatically and unattended perform specific actions, such as clicking buttons or filling out forms, and then evaluate both the response time and the quality of the response returned. In this way, companies can quickly identify any problem in their application on various browsers and devices, ensuring a consistent and satisfactory user experience. In the event of an incident, you can access a video that shows the point at which the probe process has been interrupted, which allows you to analyze the possible impact on the client.

There are several benefits and advantages to using synthetic probes in monitoring, such as:

IOMETRICS® Synthetix gives you clear visual results from the probes, allowing you to quickly identify the source of problems and fix them efficiently. In other words, it helps you improve your incident response time (MTTR). This translates into a better experience for your customers by reducing the downtime of your applications.

Datadope synthetic probes will help you:

Offer the best user experience
Improve customer accessibility to your applications
Improve the income of your company
Increase your income by reducing downtime
Optimize application performance

Automate operations to assess performance, and improve change implementation processes

You are just one step away from transforming your business results.

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