Digital experience

Utilize digital experience monitoring to enhance user experiences. Ensure that every application is accessible, usable, quick, and effective across all mediums. With real user monitoring (RUM), synthetic monitoring, and session recording provide a 360-degree perspective.

Get ahead of issues before they have an impact on your users

Synthetic probes can be used to automatically identify issues in development and production environments before your customers are impacted and begin to flood your customer support teams with complaints.

Automatically resolve actual issues affect the user

You can monitor actual user behaviour (RUM) and track user experience. If an error occurs, you will be able to spot it right away and fix it, minimising the damage to the company. IOMetrics RUM, in brief, eliminates blind spots in the user experience, improving business outcomes measurably.

Access videos where you can review incident specifics

Replay each session from the perspective of the user to grasp their precise experience, detext leaks, and apply improvements.