FCC Group relies on Datadope to improve analysis security event

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In today’s business market, digital security has become one of the most important needs. More and more companies not only want their content to be secure, but also want to have real-time information to prevent security breaches.

This is the situation in which the  FCC Group found itself, a large company with an accumulated experience of more than 120 years of history and one of the international benchmark groups in the provision of services to the public, with a presence in more than 25 countries.

It is a value-creating company that offers a high degree of specialisation and qualification, providing extensive experience in environmental services, management of the integral water cycle, development and management of infrastructures, manufacture of cement and other derivatives, and real estate management.

The FCC Group has been a pioneer in developing its business model in a profitable and sustainable manner, contributing to improving people’s quality of life.

The size of FCC makes it necessary for it to be able to detect anomalies before they become safety impacts. It was from these needs that the close collaboration between FCC and Datadope arose.

The first decision to be taken was to define the scope of a project of this size:


  • Pre-processing of logs for their correct interpretation and related components.
  • Visual interface to graphically represent the information, observe interrelationships and perform searches on certain elements.
  • Storage of all processed information for the construction of queries and generation of reports.


Once the needs of the project were defined, Datadope provided FCC with a series of solutions that not only improved the company’s security event analysis, but also offered a number of additional benefits:

  • No lock-in software: the main components of the proposed solution, in addition to being market leaders in each function, have open source licences.
  • Datadope, through Elasticsearch, can be used as a security tool.
  • DevOps: less management complexity and a smoother resolution of incidents that may arise.
  • Agile methodology:
    • Rapid response to changes.
    • Client intervention in the process.
    • Deliveries of the product at intervals (Agile).
    • Elimination of unnecessary tasks.


After incorporating Datadope solutions into their systems, Pablo Vázquez Bernárdez, IT Risk & Information Security Manager at FCC, emphasised the importance of having this type of tool “Datadope has helped us to centralise and process large volumes of logs to improve security event analysis processes. In addition, the information presentation layer allows us to quickly identify anomalies in information systems, reducing detection and response times”.

Ana Ramírez

Ana Ramírez

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