Applying an AIOP-driven predictive approach with IOMetrics

In an increasingly digital global environment, IT teams must support more business-critical services in increasingly complex environments. Traditional ITOps tools are not equipped to handle all types of environments (hybrid or 100% cloud) and prevent teams from effectively supporting business demands.
Datadope enables organisations to improve agility, speed, on-time observability, reduce incident response time and much more through the IOMETRICS® solution.
With IOMETRICS®, Datadope provides an end-to-end view of the customer’s entire infrastructure, facilitating IT analysis and management that will help teams predict incidents before they impact end customers, and consequently business outcomes. How do we do it? Datadope applies machine learning in automatic and real-time observability to data from multiple data sources, providing a complete view of the business, predictive analytics and improved alert management with integration of ITSM tools.

Visualise all infrastructure and its relationships easily

To extract all the hidden value, through the information that at the discovery stage has been found or provided to you; we organise, centralise and display the information in a database that helps to identify infrastructure failures. All relationships can be easily visualised through the topology and in context.

End-to-end application performance monitoring

You will have end-to-end distributed monitoring, from the browser and applications to databases, as well as a complete view of the service and the ability to perform code-level analysis.

Root cause analysis

Benefit from automatic transaction detection at all levels, right down to the code level. This enables deeper analysis and performance optimisation to significantly improve the user experience.

Holistic vision of infrastructure

Automatically monitors the entire infrastructure – cloud, hybrid models, containers, virtual machines, network, servers, storage and more.

Increases team productivity and reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR)

Our machine learning engine continuously scans your entire infrastructure for anomalies and delivers accurate solutions with a focus on their potential business impact.
Boost team performance and refocus on the things that matter, such as proactive actions, innovation and business results.

Anticipate problems before impacting on users

Synthetic probes can be used to automatically identify problems in development and production environments before customers are affected and start flooding your customer support teams with complaints. You will be able to access videos to review the details of issues.

Single dashboard visualisation

Break down silos between teams and IT tools with rich analytics in business context that are centralised and available in real time.

See SLAs at a glance

Don’t waste time speculating on which optimisation improvements will lead to the greatest financial benefits. Drive business decisions with a business impact view tailored to your sector, consulting KPIs and SLAs, using business analytics to your sector, consulting KPIs and SLAs, using business analytics, exploration and on-demand data queries.

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