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What is Datadope?

We transform companies by discovering the value of their data

You can’t imagine how much useful information is hidden in your infrastructure and operations. Datadope finds it, models it, organises it and converts it into useful indicators of the state of the business.

Our IOMETRICS® solution implements the latest technologies including machine learning and predictive analytics to structure information in a way you’ve never seen before. It is even able to prevent problems by modelling the behaviour of your services and comparing it with their current behaviour.

We work only on Open Source which eliminates vendor lock-in and, combined with our Agile and DevOps philosophy, achieves previously unheard of implementation times.

You will have at your disposal the necessary services to turn your implementation into a success

Our aim is to cut through the noise, to take you to a new, higher level of insight into how your infrastructure and operations are affecting business processes.

We know you need to transform your infrastructure management, and do it quickly. You’ll see results much sooner than you expect because we don’t talk
about Agile and DevOps. We breathe it!

With our IOMETRICS® solution we get you to focus on your services and business processes

IOMETRICS® puts the focus on understanding the vulnerabilities your infrastructure is producing in the business and resolving them.

It is a complete turnkey solution, implemented in record time, that covers all your operational and business value delivery needs based on five components.

These components will provide you with:


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