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Business Analytics

Discover The Pain Points of the business and how to improve it

Improve business decisions with insights based on data analytics, revenue impact, and customer segmentation; combining business context with application performance and analytics.
Business Dashboard Vision

Use the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve your business

It’s not just about having real-time data, but our predictive analytics engine, based on machine learning, will alert you to problems before they occur and at the appropriate level.


Machine learning will model the current behaviour of your services and predict future behaviour. This will give you a very important competitive advantage at the level that really matters: the business level.


IOMETRICS® will provide you with data organised in management reports for each of the 3 layers that make up the integration of the business with the IT infrastructure.

Business-focused monitoring that detects your weak points

The customisability of monitoring is almost infinite, and it is enhanced by the predictive analytics capability of machine learning.

You will get exactly what you need

Personalisation and automation is deeply rooted in our solution. Datadope was born to add value to businesses by finding the value in your data and bringing it to the surface so you can make informed and efficient business decisions.
And that can only be achieved through customisation, our solution adapts to your environment, your particularities and your needs.
That’s why we have designed IOMETRICS® using Open Source technologies, why our ecosystem lives in an Agile and DevOps environment and why we have surrounded our product with a layer of services.
All these features have a single goal: to implement the exact solution that fits your business needs.

See at a glance how to improve your applications

All products in the IOMETRICS® stack are wrapped in a wrapped with an optimised solution design and strategy, proper optimised solution design and strategy, proper planning and rapid implementation.
But we don’t stop there, we know that you will have new needs, new metrics to implement, new integrations to do, etc.
That is why we put at your disposal our Agile and DevOps development environment that is prepared for any challenge you may pose.
Total customisation so that technology is not a problem and you can concentrate on adding value to your business from the different sources of information in your infrastructure.

Achieve maximum automation

What will you get with IOMetrics?

Full stack reports Proactive

Business Intelligence in real time

Agile, flexible and automated

Under TCO, implementation and maintenance

Viewing the Data Sources Relationship

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Machine learning applied to business