Discover the reality of your environment and its relationships with Discovery by IOMETRICS®

Nowadays it is necessary to adapt to changes quickly, in this adaptation lies the success or failure of a company. Having to adapt to change as quickly as possible can sometimes cause companies to lose control over the inventory and detail of their infrastructure.
This is where IOMETRICS® Discovery comes in. Thanks to automatic and unattended discovery, companies will have all inventory, inventory details and relationships up to date with little to no resources spent on this task.
This allows companies to focus on what really matters, the business and customer satisfaction, rather than on tasks that need to be automated and resource consuming.
At Datadope we have multiple scanners to discover the detail of a company’s infrastructure such as: operating system and software, certificates, endpoints, SNMP, active users, kubernetes, VMware and Google Cloud Platform.

Visualise the infrastructure and its relationships easily

We extract the full value of your data, through the information Discovery has found or been provided with; we organise, centralise and display the information in a database that helps identify infrastructure failures. All relationships can be easily visualised through topology and in context.

Discover and create an inventory of network devices

With Discovery you will obtain all network devices via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). SNMP discovery gives you advanced capabilities to find and trace physical and logical components, as well as their relationships and interdependencies.

Discover the servers and software details

On physical or virtual servers, obtain basic inventory information such as hardware model, serial number, host name and operating system data.
Using automatic discovery methods, map nodes and devices that have been automatically discovered. Detailed dependency maps will be automatically created.

Discover your inventory easily, without the need to install an agent

With agentless, discover Windows, Unix and Linux platforms, including Solaris, AIX, Redhat/CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and more.

IOMETRICS® automatically detects hypervisors and virtual machines

The platform connects to hypervisors and collects host and virtual machine information automatically and easily. As virtual machines migrate between hosts, scheduled discovery ensures that your virtual machine documentation is kept up to date.